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Education Industry

Bulk SMS for Education

The education sector has evolved multifarious and continues to crop as the strongest pillar in shaping its future. seminaries, sodalities, private study institutions are espousing all the rearmost technologies, and mobile SMS is no exception. In fact, SMS services are among the extensively used technologies by study institutes as it streamlines communication.

Bulk SMS services ameliorate communication and serve as an interactive touchpoint between parents, preceptors, and scholars.

Why Bulk SMS for Education?

Educational institutes will give bulk SMS service for reaching out to the parents just incontinently. It directs communication between academy operation and parents. really, it can be used to promote the study institution’s services immolations and inform parents about their ward’s performance.

Attendance Reports

Educators can transfer the student’s report to the parents daily or monthly to keep goods in clear.

Exam Activities

Teachers can share exam updates such as date sheet, timings, online paper, results with the parents and students via SMS.

Make Announcements

Instructors can participate test updates similar as date distance, timings, online paper, results with the parents and scholars via SMS.

Personalized Communication

Still, they can reach out for discussion, If the parents or the school teacher face any concern regarding the child’s performance in any particular subject.

Automated Messages

Educational institutes will share automated messages with the parents on special occasions such as birthday, new year, Christmas, Diwali, and other special events.

Homework & Assignments

Teachers can send everyday homework and assignment alerts to the students via bulk SMS to help parents monitor the child’s academic performance.

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