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Retail Industry

Bulk SMS Services for Retail Industry

Delight shoppers and ameliorate footfall by transferring substantiated bulk SMS textbooks with offers, pamphlets, tickets & checks.

The Instagyb bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

Be the retailer that wows the shopper with superior experience and improve in-store footfall. Reel in new customers and retain existing ones by sending them attractive offers, encouraging them to sign up for membership programs, and even alerting them when their favorite brand introduces new products. Stay with them, so they’ll stay with you. See how Instagyb bulk SMS platform can help.

Improve footfall

Send discount vouchers with a limited validity to customers via Instagyb SMS and drive footfall during lean days. You can easily redeem these vouchers.

End membership blues

End long Client registration ranges. Promote in- store and allow guests to incontinently subscribe up for the class program via SMS.

Drive in-store sales

Have a big trade coming up or need to load off old stock? shoot seductive media-rich substantiated dispatches in 20 indigenous languages.

Shopper feedback

A good day or a bad- hair day? Track client experience and your service quality by gathering instant feedback from shoppers through a check.

Bespoke Solutions

Use Instagyb coffers to knitter the right result for your data needs, from setting up new juggernauts to integrating with your CRM operations.

Faster go-to-market

Cut the technology reversal time. Allow your marketing and creative brigades to snappily produce mobile wharf runners on Instagyb platform.

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