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HR and Recruitment

Hide and secure your phone number with masking

Enhance your HR processes and elevate the recruiter experience. Seamlessly connect candidates and HR professionals for a refined and efficient hiring journey.

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Enhance your HR processes with InstaGyb CPaaS

Elevate your HR processes and create a thriving work environment with the help of InstaGyb CPaaS. Managing HR tasks while fostering employee engagement can be challenging, but with our platform, you can effortlessly integrate real-time communication into your applications.

Boost employee engagement

InstaGyb CPaaS enables you to send alerts, updates, and group messages to your employees through SMS and chat. Effectively manage employee groups based on departments and roles, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

Efficient office notifications

Keep your employees informed about critical information and company updates through chat and SMS notifications. Leverage the power of two-way SMS integration within your app, enabling employees to confirm their availability or respond to time-sensitive activities.

Our Voice Call platform

This helps you to reach millions of people with our brand voice broadcast in just one click.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Multiple Operators

Redundant Setup and Multiple DC

Unique Text-To-Speech Tool

Multilingual Content Support

Multiple Voice SMS APIs for Integration

Explore Our Fully Featured Enterprise SMS, We help you grow

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