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Omni Channels( Whats app, Google RCS, Telegram)

Best Omni Channel Product Provider

It involves offering customers multiple SMS channels to connect. However, clients will experience different levels of branding or services on which channel they choose. Backend customer service and sales teams don't have unique ways to answer messages, and answer them through individual channels. Which leads to different responses from the business side. When a company is offering omni channel messaging then it allows its customers to contact them with popular messaging channels.

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What Should I Look for In an Omnichannel Messaging Platform?

There are many omni channels in the market, but this is the only platform where you get all features you need. Without effective omnichannel your team end up giving multi-channel SMS instead, which is not apt one for your business.

Shared Inbox

Which helps you to receive messages from all social media channels.


We even consolidate your app ecosystem with CRMs.


This will send auto-replies and drip campaigns so that the team can streamline workflows.

How Does It Work?

It gives replies in a single channel for your text. These platforms will accept all messages from customers, no matter from where they come from.

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