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How RCS Business Messaging can make conversational commerce a reality

Conversational commerce has evolved from just marketing and support to serving the entire client trip, all the way to deals. Guests want to engage with brands and be engaged by them on their channel of choice, which is mobile. This is why we see much further personalization moment, with the capability for guests to complete deals from launch to finish within one messaging channel – rather one that’s accessible and accessible at their fingertips. Channels similar as RCS Business Messaging make it easy for brands to set up conversational gests that attract, engage, and retain guests for the long term. Infobip’s Silvija Renusa sat down with Google’s Tim Atkinson to bandy the openings our cooperation and RCS present as the foundation for brands ’ conversational strategies, now and in the future.

RCS Business Messaging as a crucial conversational commerce channel
Brands that want to snare druggies ’ attention in moment’s overcrowded eCommerce world must concentrate on enabling guests to complete their entire trip – from searching for an item to buying that item – all within one flawless experience. The asynchronous mode of messaging which eliminates the need to complete an action at a particular time makes rich messaging apps the go- to channel for erecting similar gests . Brands also should n’t forget that guests are used to entering dispatches – from their musketeers, family, associates, and from businesses – making it a natural form of diurnal communication. RCS ingrained biographies add an element of trust, while carousels with intuitive CTAs give an interactive experience. This makes it an indeed more applicable channel for guests to use rather than being on the phone staying to speak with an agent. “As a user to admit a vindicated communication is going to come commonplace as we go through 2023 and over the times to come”.

Conversational commerce via RCS Use cases and exemplifications
Consumers now use RCS Business Messaging for a wide myriad of conversational commerce conditioning – from buying aeroplane and train tickets to entering boarding passes, completing deals, and resolving problems with client service. Charities and megacity councils have also introduced this as a new channel to collect donations for a specific cause or give fresh information to help citizens get further involved.

These uses of rich messaging have picked up pace across Europe and in the Americas as well. We ’ve seen this pick up pace on our platform as well, with the most client engagement relations in 2022 passing on RCS – and 52 further relations taking place last time compared to 2021.

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