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How to Use Personalization in Your SMS Campaigns and Wow Your Customers

Understanding your audience, and personalizing your messages and offers based on their behavior has a huge impact on your campaign effectiveness. Whether it is generating new leads, increasing sales conversions, or optimizing customer lifetime value, marketing just works better when it is personalized!

Instagyb offers you a powerful set of tools to take personalization to the next level. You can easily personalize bulk SMS campaigns using merge-fields (custom parameters), set up custom landing pages, create personalized feedback and survey forms, automate behavior based triggers, send regional language messages, and even collect data for in-depth personalization.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 5 ways you can implement personalization in your SMS campaigns and wow your customers.

Automate behavior-triggered messages:

Behavior-triggered messages are timely responses to how your customers interact with your service or product. For instance, when a company sends you a reminder message because you have not used their product for a few days, that’s a behavior-triggered message. Behavior-triggered messages are very helpful in engaging with the customers and winning them back, and have a much higher success rate compared to traditional emails.

You’d be surprised at just how easily in-depth personalization can be automated for up-selling, engagement, and retention. You can quickly integrate Instagyb SMS APIs with your CRM or any other software and automate sending & receiving SMS within minutes.

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