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Top Benefits Of SMS Marketing You Should Know

Nowadays, businesses are always on the lookout for new strategies and techniques to target customers. Out of all the methods, one that has become an local part of effective multi-channel marketing is SMS marketing. Businesses have realized the vast benefits of SMS marketing and the pivotal role it plays in enhancing business communication. Gone are the days when SMS was predominantly used only for personal conversations. Also, with the humongous popularity of smartphones and the role that they play in our lives, the importance of SMS marketing is only going to increase further. Many businesses have started to realize the wide scope of SMS. Some businesses also take assistance from SMS marketing software in their overall marketing strategy.

In this blog, we are going to highlight a few of the best benefits of SMS marketing that you need to know.

High Open Rates

One of the best benefits of using bulk SMS as part of the marketing strategy is that text messages have a very high open rate as compared to phone calls or emails. A study shows that 98% of the messages sent are opened. This makes SMS services a preferred choice for all enterprises who want effective and quick customer service.

SMS is Inexpensive

Another great benefit of bulk SMS is that it is a highly cost-effective option. Most reputed telecommunication companies provide bulk SMS options via SMS API enabling businesses to reach out to thousands of customers by implementing a few easy steps. SMS turns out to be more budget-friendly when compared to other forms of marketing like mobile ads, billboards, television ads, or magazines.

Higher Conversion Rate

In today’s time, you can find a high usage of instant messaging through various apps. When compared with its new-age counterparts, SMS still has a better conversion rate. There are several advantages of using SMS in business. A person is more likely to visit your business and take an action on promotions or the offers shared via SMS than through any other marketing service.

Wider Audience Reach

The usage of smartphones is always increasing. More than 50% of all online traffic gets generated by mobile phones worldwide. This makes SMS the preferred choice of communication for numerous businesses. One of the biggest advantages of SMS in business is that internet connectivity is not required for receiving a text message. You will need a working phone. As the usage of phones is only going to rise in the coming years, SMS will prove quite beneficial. This provides businesses with a great opportunity and advantage for reaching a larger target audience right at their fingertips.

Reliable and Flexible

SMS services are quite helpful for businesses to announce an ongoing sale, inform customers about a new store opened nearby, send appointment reminders, provide discount coupons, offers, or order status for online shoppers, and many more things. However, as there is a limited space that SMS offers for conveying a story, businesses need to wisely use the 160-characters to reach customers in an effective and impactful way. Also, as the messages sent through a telecommunication company are encrypted, it provides businesses with a secure and reliable platform for communicating with their customers.

Measure Campaign Visibility

After triggering bulk SMS campaigns, businesses need insights into the performance. These details can be used for planning text marketing strategies and targeting the right audience for garnering more attention. Along with enabling businesses to reach customers in real-time, they also help in conducting data-driven campaigns that provide more clarity for future campaigns.

Get Customer Insights and Increase Engagement

SMS is an amazing channel for getting feedback from your customers with the help of surveys. Several research shows that consumers typically respond to a survey via SMS and the average response time for users is also pretty less. This enables businesses to get great results in a short period. SMS is a great way to enhance how a brand engages with its customers across the entire customer lifecycle.

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