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Why is SMS automation important for your business?

Given its high response rates, SMS is widely used as a marketing channel. Some of the finance, logistics and technology companies even use SMS to send order confirmation alerts and OTPs for two-factor authentication. However, most of the businesses are yet to realize the full benefits of SMS as a customer engagement and support channel.

SMS automation – i.e., to automatedly send and receive SMS based on business/customer event triggers – helps companies effectively use SMS as a customer engagement channel. SMS automation can help businesses boost customer satisfaction (e.g. surveys post car service, instant SMS responses), customer retention (e.g. renewal alerts for subscriptions), conversion rates (e.g. missed cart offers, personalized offers on birthdays) while lowering support and operational costs (e.g. pre-delivery confirmations). See how you can integrate Instagyb APIs and automate sending & receiving SMS within minutes.

Benefits of SMS Automation:

Improve conversions and sales – Make the most of SMS channel’s superior open rates by sending missed cart offers, personalized birthday and anniversary promotions, annual event reminders (e.g. flowers for Valentines Day) and more via SMS. See how you can optimize conversions with A/B testing and Instagyb URL tracking.

Boost customer retention and renewals – Send timely service expiry reminders, renewal alerts for subscriptions, regular payment and service reminders, annual health checkup notifications directly to your customer’s mobile phones.

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